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Cozy Up with this Comforting Ginger Chicken Spaghettini Recipe for Cold Nights

Updated: Jan 4

"Good food warms the heart and feeds the soul." A. Posey

When I was growing up in Canada, Canadian Living was one of my favourite magazines. The articles are interesting and focus on Canada, and I love their recipes. They have “Test Kitchen Recipes” in their magazine called “What’s for Dinner?” Their motto is to make real-life easy. I 100% agree that I want to keep life simple for myself and my family.

I frequently test out my newfound "Living Life Over Cancer" recipes with my son, who is a clean eater. Unlike many Canadians, he avoids fast food, processed foods, most breads, and sugar. So I have a test kitchen helper in him. I made this last night and he loved it!

What I love about this recipe, like the others, is that the ingredients are all natural and inexpensive. Once you purchase some new oils and spices, you'll be ready for many recipes. So, go ahead and embrace the Canadian winter with a warm meal the whole family can enjoy!

Ginger Chicken Spaghettini
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