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Creamy and Delicious Healthy Chicken Lasagna Recipe the Whole Family Will Love

Nova Scotia is set to see its first major snowfall this weekend into Monday. What better meal for your family than healthy chicken lasagna? For the past five months I have been changing up old favourites to support me eating a diet rich in nutrients, flavour, and whole foods.

My mother was an excellent cook and prepared delicious, nutritious meals for 9 people every night. I loved watching her cook because she didn't have to follow a recipe exactly, but always made sure every meal was made with love. She was a magician who prepared a meal for nine people and expanded it to include four or six additional guests who happened to be passing through the hub of Nova Scotia, Truro.

When I made this lasagna for my much smaller family, I followed her lead and modified an old recipe to add chicken broth, coconut milk, cottage cheese and fresh whole-wheat lasagna sheets. I added a lot of love into the ingredients and was so excited for them to try it.

This recipe gets rave reviews from everyone at my table. They were happy to have something we never had when we were growing up; leftovers. So download the recipe and join the many Nova Scotians in filling up your shopping cart tomorrow in preparation for Sunday's snow. Your family and friends will appreciate it. Who knows, you may even have leftovers for Monday.

Chicken Lasagna
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I am going to try some of these delicious looking recipes, especially the chicken lasagna.😘

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Wonderful Alma. Let me know how they turn out. 💕😋

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