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"Delicious and Nutritious: Healthy Turkey Burger Recipe to Warm Up Your Winter"

Updated: Feb 9

Turkey Hamburgers
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In the depths of winter, I finally learned that within

me there lay an invincible winter.

I love making hot soups, casseroles, and meatloaf to warm our winter palates. However, there's nothing better than enjoying BBQ burgers and nutritious salads in February. In choosing to live life over cancer, I am enjoying eating leaner meats such as turkey and chicken.

These turkey burgers are my niece's recipe. They have become a favourite among all Aucoin families. Food is the cornerstone of our families and a way to bring people around the table to enjoy conversation, good food, and togetherness.

This weekend, gather your family and/or friends around the table and enjoy a round of grilled turkey burgers with your favourite salad.

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