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Embracing Change: How Letting Go Can Help You Move Forward

"The journey is inevitable, baggage-optional." Tev Aliage

On this day last year, we were at Pompano Beach with Tavis. During the winter months, we lived the bluebird lifestyle with my brother and his wife. We didn't make any plans this year because we were supposed to teach abroad. Due to my diagnosis, we focused on vacationing in March if all went well with my health.

I cheered for my brother and his wife as they drove to Pompano from Nova Scotia. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't disappointed in following them. During my yoga class this morning, I shared my feelings of disappointment and sadness about staying behind. Instead of blaming myself for being selfish, I allowed myself to feel these feelings. Most importantly, I felt these emotions, made peace with them, and moved forward.

After yoga class, Tavis and I went to the beach together. Dogs live in the here and now, and are open to experience these moments with joy. Tavis ran towards Rissers Beach like it was the first time. The temperature of the beach didn't affect his happiness. I followed his example and enjoyed the sound of the waves, the sun on my face, and the sand under my sneakers. We left the beach content and happy to be able to live near so many beautiful beaches.

What do you need to sit down with and let go? Self-care requires us to acknowledge our feelings and then release them so we can move forward in peace.

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Love you and can’t wait to share the beach once again xo

Replying to

Love ya too! Tavis is missing his favourite uncle! 💕🐾

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