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"I Will Catch You When You Fall" - Yoga Mat

"Yoga teaches us to cure what cannot be endured, and endure what cannot be cured." BKS Iyengar

On this 15th day of Countdown to Christmas, my true self gave me: a yoga mat to catch me when I fall. In the journey of our lives, every individual encounters moments of sadness, letdown, mourning, and suffering. While some seek solace in the guidance of therapists, psychologists, or religious figures, I find solace on my yoga mat. It is on this mat that I lay down my sadness, my pain, and everything else weighing me down. Through the practice of yoga, I have come to understand that peace can be attained through the simple acts of yoga breathing, moving, and relinquishing control.

Amidst a year characterized by sorrow, loss, and poor health, my strength and optimistic outlook has been admired by many. While there are numerous factors contributing to my ability to persevere in the face of adversity, one of the reasons lies in my dedicated practice on the mat. It is within this space that I create a deep connection with my inner being, uniting my spirit, mind, energy, and body. Moreover, on the mat I reach out to those who watch over me, asking for their assistance to overcome my loss and sorrow. Undoubtedly, yoga is a gift that has repeatedly enabled me to rise above my challenges.

Who is there to support you in moments of vulnerability? Where do you seek solace and connection with your inner self, thoughts, energy, and body? Similar to many of you, there are loved ones who rely on me to exhibit strength, assurance, and fearlessness. It is not only for their sake but also my well-being that I consider my time on the mat to be sacred. As we approach Christmas, let us set aside the demands of our daily lives and offer ourselves the precious gift of time to nurture and uplift our spirits.

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Great post. When I retired I became interested in trying yoga but felt uncomfortable doing yoga in front of others. I thought that I would look look utterly ridiculous getting on and off the mat, let alone doing flow poses. When we experienced the Covid wave you introduced on line yoga. I knew you were well trained and had already gained my trust years ago in the 80’s as a swimming instructor and jogging enthusiast. You tried to teach me healthier living. The on line yoga gave me a chance to try your class within the four corners of my own home where I didn’t have to compromise my dignity while developing a new skill and follow a healthier routine.…


I love the catch me if you fall yoga mat. Cuz, you continue to amaze me with your perseverance in everything you do to continue through struggles with an answer, exactly what you do on the Mat.

you have many loved ones watching over you and a cousin from afar that do many things similar to you and is thinking, praying and continue to send all great energy to you. I am truly enjoying keeping up my my reading of your posts, as there are not only helping you but they are helping me as well. So much love sent to you at this magical time of year with all the pretty colors, light snow flakes and a beautiful …

Betty Jean Aucoin
Betty Jean Aucoin
Dec 17, 2023
Replying to

Big love to you cousin. We have shared a lot in life and one huge share is our resilience! You have paved a way for me with a light that mirrors strength, perseverance, and love. Namaste. 🙏💕

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