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"Is your self-care checklist ready for the weekend ahead?"

Most women are great at multitasking attending to many plates in the air. We have people we care for in our lives; partners, children, grandchildren, family, neighbours, colleagues and the list continues.

When I present my Self-care for Educators session, I ask teachers to write down all the people they serve. Some have lists of over 15 people and groups. When they are done, I ask the teachers to stand up if they have written down their names. Often I am left with everyone remaining in their seats.

Many of us grew up in a culture of servitude. We were considered selfish if we focused on ourselves. Today one in 8 women gets a breast cancer diagnosis. If there ever was a time for us to practice self-care, it is now.

I offer you the above list. However, you can create a list of actions that bring you peace, joy, and renewal. So put aside everyone else to-support list and start checking off your self-care list. You're worth it!

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I agree wholeheartedly, as I am one of these women, living with chronic pain and anxiety, I always find time for my loved ones and others yet put myself last. I will follow the list and put myself at the top from now on. Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. Love you cuz and hope you are doing well hun. You truly are an amazing educator.😘🥰👍

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Another response from a group I share with was from a health therapist. She thanked me for the reminder as she too forgets about her needs. Many of us are first and foremost woman who naturally or culturally have ingrained within us the need to care for others. So like you Alma, I am always trying to remember and take seriously the need to put myself first! This will maintain my energy and health to support those I love. 💕🙏

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