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“Of all the Books in the world. The Best Stories are Found between the Pages of a Passport.” S. B. Hassem

My husband and I are avid travellers. We travelled to many far-off places and gained new experiences, stories and memories. When I received my cancer diagnosis, one of the things that worried me most, besides death, was not being able to travel.

My oncologist told me that with new medications, we would be able to enjoy the things we love and travel would be within our reach. We worked with my oncology team and were able to travel for five weeks. I booked my return trip in time to make time-bound medical appointments.

This year we chose Antigua because it is famous for its 365 beaches, a beach for every day of the year. We booked this trip to celebrate each day we live life over cancer and our love of island living. Antigua was everything we hoped for and provided us with a wonderful island to reset and recover.

When travelling or out in nature, we strive to live up to Chief Seattle’s quote: “Take only memories, leave only footprints.” That’s why we’re always looking for art to take home with us. Our home showcases many of the places we have visited, unfortunately, our search for art that spoke to us came up empty. So we came home with many wonderful memories within the photos we took of Antigua.

Over the next few weeks, we will be converting a guest room into an Antigua room. Last year I designed another guest room, the Costa Rica Room. I chose Canvas Photo to prepare my photos and they arrived today. I am so happy with the results as they truly tell our amazing story.

The central theme of this Antigua story is one can continue to live an abundant life over stage 4 cancer inclusive of travel. So, don't give up on your dreams and the stories in your life that are waiting to be fulfilled. Discuss your dreams with your health team and begin to write your new story!

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