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On Antigua Time: Living Life by a Compass, not a Clock!

Updated: Mar 1

My husband and I love travelling to new destinations, living in new places, and experiencing the beauty of the culture, people, and nature. During our teaching career, we had a week off to travel called March Break. So we headed to an all-inclusive resort or ski slope to pack in as much fun and activities as possible in 6 days.

Since retiring we looked forward to travelling the world. Little did any of us know that the world would be battling a pandemic. Once we were able to travel, we headed south of the border to the United States, the Caribbean and Europe. In each destination, we rented apartments so we could live like locals.

We are lucky enough to take leave on Wednesday for Antigua. My health is stable and I have been cleared to travel. My medical team is happy that I continue to live life with a positive mindset and continue to do the things I love. There will be a day when we cannot travel. Until then, I am going to live in the moment that enables me to board a plane!

My blog will be coming to you from Jolly Harbour, Antigua. Although we are set to chill and relax with our travel buddies I will continue to post to my website. For those of you travelling this month, safe travels. Enjoy the beauty and the people that surround you. Travelling is special. It enables us to shift from an outsider looking in - to an insider looking out!

Bon Voyage!

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