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Stop the Chill, Embrace the Heat with this Buffalo Chicken Chilli.

Updated: Feb 15

Food is not just about fuel. Food is about family, food is about

community, food is about identity, and we nourish all those things

when we eat well.

To prepare for life with cancer, I focused on dietary changes to nourish me and maintain optimal health. I changed my eating habits without losing my love for socializing. Someone asked me if I was on a diet. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate dieting. I think dieting is a quick fix that doesn’t last and is focused on depriving you of something. Changing your diet to one that is healthy and nourishing is a commitment to maintaining a healthy body, mind, and spirit.

My husband has been with me through this journey of eating mostly plant-based foods, whole grains, chicken and fish, and reduced dairy. We feel great and it is fun trying new dishes. Food is important to us and is a focus point of celebrations and special occasions.

This Buffalo Chicken Chili is a delicious meal that's a great addition to Super Bowl weekend or February Family Days. Join your family and/or friends to enjoy this delicious chilli with tortillas, knowing you are eating well.

Buffalo Chicken Chilli
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