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"The Power of Gratitude: How Kind People Bless Our Lives"

I am beginning my week thanking the amazing people in my life who bless me with their kindness every day. Throughout the weekend I had random and not-so-random people extend their kindness to me in their words, actions, and gifts.

These individuals who surround me go about their day extending kindness as a way of life. They never seek appreciation, but act kindly as a way of living. How blessed am I to be the recipient of their acts of kindness.

I did thank each of them and the many who had shown kindness to me beforehand. Often it doesn't seem to be enough. So, I thought I would use this platform to extend my sincere appreciation for every one of you who has graced my life with kindness.

May your week ahead be filled with blessings and may you brighten someone else's day with love, compassion, and kindness.

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