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"Yoga and Mala Beads: The Perfect Way to Celebrate a 40th Birthday"

It was an honour to celebrate Nicki's 40th birthday with these beautiful women. Nikki is a mother of three boys, two of whom are twins, and lives a very busy life. Her friends planned a special birthday weekend trip at White Point and invited me to join them in leading a yoga class.

In addition to my mats, essential oils, and music, I brought Nicki my mala beads. Mala beads are similar to rosary beads and aid in concentration during prayer, meditation, and chanting mantras. Nicki wore my beads during our yoga practice to celebrate this special occasion and the love of her friends. I gifted her with a mandala rock created by one of my Girls on Fire to support her in remembering the teachings of the Mala beads.

Malas have 108 beads, symbolizing;

(One - 1) Symbolizes the path we take on the journey of life. As we travel through life, we may experience wonderful, awful, and mundane times. During difficult times, we can sometimes feel isolated and alone. I put Nikki in the middle among her friends to remind them of the importance of friendship and caring for each other. All of us will experience the awful! It is always made easier by friends at our side.

(Zero - 0) Symbolizes the cyclical journey of life. It teaches us that the lows of life are not permanent. Our lives are filled with renewal and rebirth. Life is not stagnant, change is an integral part of existence. In the busy lives of mothers, it is important to take time out for breath, renewal, and rebirth.

(Eight - 8) Symbolizes infinity, that is, eternal love and affection. Our lives transcend the boundaries of the physical world. I reminded these hard-working mothers, wives, daughters and friends of the importance of undying love for ourselves and that we must give as much effort to ourselves as we do to those we love.

Upon finishing practice we drew in a breath together, exhaled, and bowed honouring the light, love, and joy within all of us.

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