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Living Life Over Cancer
Welcomes You

This is a photo of me, Betty Jean Aucoin, the author of this site.  I am a woman living with metastatic breast cancer.

About this Site

Living Life Over Cancer is the result of  recently being diagnosed with recurrent stage four breast cancer. As both an educator and someone experiencing cancer firsthand, I am passionate about sharing my experiences and knowledge with others. Through this site, I offer guidance and support on how to prioritize your health through simple and sustainable changes. Whether you’re a cancer patient, survivor, or simply someone looking to improve their health, I hope you find comfort and inspiration in my journey to live life over cancer.

This is a colourful photo of healthy food.  It supports the section on Healthy eating.

Healthy Eating 

I believe in the transformative power of food in our lives.  This blog is meant to inspire you to revitalize your relationship with healthy eating and drinking.  My mission is to guide you through your life's journey using whole foods, expert advice, and proven methods for a healthy diet.   Join me to  experience the delicious recipes that are both easy, tasty, and nutritious. Let's join together to achieve a healthier lifestyle and regain control over our body and mind.

Check out my Blog for Healthy Recipes, Food, and Drink

Mindfulness & Yoga  

As a yoga and mindfulness instructor, I understand the importance of living in the present moment. That's why I've created this section as a resource for those who want to practice mindfulness, self care, and yoga to be fully present with their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. By practicing mindfulness and yoga, you can develop resilience and successfully adapt to difficult and challenging life experiences.

Mindfulness: Read my blog to provide you with simple and easy ways to live a mindful life.  Check the online Mindfulness sessions being offered below. 

Sessions & Keynotes:  Self-Care for Leaders, Educators, and/or Healthy Living. Please contact me to discuss your team’s needs at

Yoga Classes: Online yoga classes  will begin again in April 2024.  Stay tuned!

Online Mindfulness Sessions 

Join me for our first online Mindfulness session.  This practice is 33 minutes long and focuses on mindful breath and attention to the breath, body, mind, and spirit. 

Find a comfortable spot to sit and relax as I lead you in mindfulness, a journey to ignite your parasympathetic system where we find calm, peace, and healing.  Click the photo below to open the session.

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