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"How to Make the Perfect Strawberry and Mango Salsa for a Taste of the Caribbean at Home"

March break is just around the corner in Nova Scotia. Students and school staff have a week's vacation. Ray, Sebastian and I have been to all-inclusive resorts over the years. For us, this was the best way to enjoy a full week of fun, sun, and activities without having to plan anything. Like us, people will be vacationing at all-inclusive resorts and/or ski resorts during March Break. Others will choose to stay home for a staycation.

We no longer have to travel during March Break to avoid the sharp increase in flights and accommodations. Supply and demand practices are in full swing with March Break. Instead, we stay longer and rent an apartment or villa. This allows us to enjoy cooking with local produce and food. Fresh fruit is one of my favourite things about travelling. The fresh local fruit flavour is one of my joys while travelling to sunny destinations.

Processed sugar is a no-go for optimal health. However, the sugar found in fruits and other plant foods is healthy in moderation. There are many ways to enjoy plant-based foods. Creating homemade salsa is one of them. We use it as a dip for gluten-free pita/tortilla chips and as a marinade for chicken and other foods.

We used fruit in different ways on this trip and the strawberry mango salsa was one of my favourites. Check out my fellow traveller Debbie McIsaac’s recipe below and bring the taste of the Caribbean wherever you are this March holiday. Wishing everyone in Nova Scotia and around the globe who practice March Break a safe and happy holiday!

Strawberry-Mango Salsa
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