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"Mother's Day - Simple Yet so Complex"

To All Mothers

Next to the holiday season, today stands out as a day filled with intricate emotions. As we begin this day, we carry a collection of feelings, akin to suitcases brimming with emotions. My photo captures a tapestry woven from my experiences, evoking tears of joy and sadness. We must acknowledge and respect the emotions of this day, granting ourselves moments of respite to reflect upon these feelings. By honouring our unique lived experiences, we can forge ahead, secure in the knowledge that we all deserve to embrace this day.

Mothers facing a stage IV cancer diagnosis experience a constant state of angst, fearing that the disease will deprive them of the chance to raise their children. Every day, I offer my prayers, hoping that we can lead lives resembling those with chronic illnesses, allowing us to accompany our children and grandchildren on their journeys. Today, my wish for you with stage IV is to possess sufficient energy, encounter minimal side effects, and receive the support necessary to acknowledge your incredible strength as a mother who triumphs over cancer every day and continues to serve as a mother to those they raise.

To all mothers,

Who celebrate their moms

Who celebrates two moms

Who celebrate with their children

Who grieves a child in heaven

Who are adopted or foster moms

Who are single moms

Who are step-moms

Who celebrate moms who passed

Who grieve the first year without their moms

Who are four-pawed moms

Who selfishly gives without the title of mom

Who yearns to be a mother

Who cannot carry a child

Who have strained child/mom relationships

and whoever else I missed, I wish you love and compassion on this day!

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