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Sugar Reset Challenge with Nathan Crane and Joel Fuhrman, MD.

I have begun a 5-Day Sugar Challenge to check in on my use of sugar in my diet. I have switched to healthy sugars; however, sugar is hidden in many foods. Processed sugar is one of the leading variables for many of our chronic diseases, including cancer and obesity; it promotes inflammation, weakens the immune system, and triggers brain imbalances.

Here's the link to join the 5-Day Sugar Challenge. On the first day, we were all asked to track our sugar intake for 24 hours. I've had some friends express interest in joining, and I think it's a fantastic opportunity for us to support each other in our journey towards healthier eating. It's completely free and a great way to gain insights into your sugar consumption.

If you don't have the time to participate, I will be sharing my journey over the next few days in support of our optimal health. Stay tuned.

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Me too. Yesterday when writing down my list, it made me stop and reflect on my eating. This is never a bad thing to do. 😊


Such good information and I like that the challenge is short term, 5 days.

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