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"The Surprising Affordability of a Healthy Lifestyle: Debunking the Myth of High Costs"

Think you can’t afford to live a healthy lifestyle?

A lot of people ask me if changing your diet is expensive. My answer is simple: No! With a little know-how and planning, you can enjoy nutritious food and healthy activities without breaking your budget. Here are some cost-saving measures you can take to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Sunlight is free, so get outside and enjoy a natural form of vitamin D.

  • The cheapest and most beneficial mode of movement is walking. Forget about expensive gym memberships if it is the treadmill you seek. Get out of the house and walk for free! Better yet, join a friend and get in some social time.

  • Setting out some me time in your day is free. Schedule in times to pursue a hobby, read a book (from the Library), practice yoga or mindfulness, watch a favourite show, and/or take a nap.

  • Quitting alcohol is free and non-alcoholic alternatives are currently cheaper.

  • Fruit costs less than chips, especially when traveling to places where processed foods are more expensive than fruits and vegetables.

  • Vegetables are cheaper than microwave meals and have more flavour.

  • Nutritious foods can help you feel fuller for longer. Processed foods increase your sugar, leaving you craving more before your next meal.

  • Water costs less than soda and it is is great for flushing out unwanted toxins from the body.

  • Home cooking costs less than fast food and you usually have leftovers.

Share your cost-saving measures for healthy eating and activity in the comments. As the poster asks: Do something today that your future self will thank you for. Your bank account will thank you too!

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