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"Understanding the Role of the Lymphatic System in Maintaining Your Overall Health"

Dr. Melissa Galager, a naturopathic physician, nutritionist and lymphatic drainage therapist, discussed the importance of the lymphatic system in getting toxins out of your body. Every day, we consume, breathe, and lather toxins into our bodies. With its spiderweb vascular channels, the lymphatic system connects, nourishes, and detoxifies the system.

The lymphatic system, often overlooked and misunderstood, is a cornerstone of our health. Understanding how our lymph nodes function and support us daily is important. By being aware of this, we can make informed choices that promote the health of this essential system.

Bring to mind the image of garbage that waits to be collected outside your home. Imagine if no one came to pick up the garbage and take it to be disposed of. Our front yards would be overwhelmed with garbage. If we don't act in ways to support our waste disposal system, our bodies will become overwhelmed.

When we go to our family doctors, they often feel for the lymph nodes in our necks. Swollen lymph nodes indicate something is not right in our system. The Western diet of trans fats, processed foods, salts, and alcohol stresses our lymphatic system. Lymph fluid, when working, has the consistency of watered-down yogurt. When our lymph nodes are stagnant, they have the consistency of cottage cheese. If lymph nodes stagnate, your body cannot eliminate the toxins. Problems will arise elsewhere in the body and present as illness.

An important learning and affirmation for me was to hear that lymph nodes are regulated by the muscular system. It requires the muscular system to work. Lymph nodes do not have their pump and require our muscles to work. During my first breast cancer journey, I continued to do yoga and walk most days. This assisted me in warding off lymphodema.

Dr. Gallager suggested some of the following actions to provide self-care to your lymphatic system. I have added a few to this list that I am using to aid my lymphatic system.

  • Reduce the amount of toxins you put in or on your body. Eat a nourishing diet and reduce or eliminate processed foods. Be aware of the ingredients of your skincare products.

  • Drink water, cranberry juice, leafy greens, nuts and seeds, mushrooms, garlic, seaweed and citrus.

  • Walk to help move your muscles to engage the lymphatic system.

  • MOVE your body in ways that bring you joy and kick-start the lymph nodes.

  • Add ginger and turmeric to your diet. They help reduce inflammation, thin the blood, and improve circulation, which aids your lymphatic system.

  • Meditate with a yoga breath: breathe in and out through the nostrils.

  • Sleep is crucial for the lymphatic system as it removes toxins and waste from our bodies and brains.

Keep garbage disposal's importance in the forefront of your mind. Cities have been shut down due to strikes by garbage unions. Think of your body as the city and your lymph nodes as the often overlooked and underappreciated employees.

Show some love to them today beginning with one action above towards good health.

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Thank you for the pointers. I will definitely keep them in mind. 🙂❤️

Replying to

So important. During my yoga class today we focused on the lymphatic breath, inverted poses to support the lymph nodes that travel upward and not downward, and lots of planks to build muscle to aide in movement. 🙏💕

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