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5 Simple Steps to Prioritize Self-Care and Set Meaningful Intentions

"Our intention creates our reality."

This fall, I had the privilege of taking on brief assignments to assist educators while managing my medical appointments and treatments. One of these contracts involved collaborating with Dr. Kathy Toogood as a co-facilitator for the Education Leadership Consortium of Nova Scotia, specifically focusing on communication. Before the weekend session, we connected online to prepare. It is remarkable how life can unexpectedly introduce you to someone with whom you instantly connect and share a deep resonance. Dr. Kathy Toogood was one of those individuals.

We had a successful weekend working with wonderful aspiring educational leaders from across the province. As we took leave, Kathy asked me if I might read her manuscript "Women Thriving in Leadership: Practices for Cultivating Wholeness and Community" and provide an endorsement. I readily agreed and looked forward to reading it.

Following the holiday season, I was able to read her manuscript. I gave it a positive plus review and informed Kathy that while I was familiar with many of the topics, I was pleased to learn useful strategies to support myself and others' well-being. In my recent yoga classes, I shared the knowledge gained from her chapter on reflective practice. I hope that you will find these steps beneficial in tending to your own needs as you navigate your life.

Reflective Practice

Gratitude: Notice the blessings in your life.

Intention: Set an intention that reflects what you want in life. You can mirror an intention with a blessing.

Affirmation: Affirming this intention is an important action to support your self-care.

Fruition: Put this intention into action throughout the day.

Learn: Learn from your actions, continue the things that support you, and let go of the things that don’t.

My Example

Gratitude: I am grateful for the beauty surrounding Fancy Lake.

Intention: When you are outdoors, focus on nature. Birds, snow, trees, sunlight and breath.

Affirmation: This intention is important to remind myself that there is so much beauty in nature around me.

Fruition: I stay alert on walks and enjoy nature with Tavis, who loves the outdoors and the freedom to explore.

Learning: Exercising outside is important for my physical health, but focusing on nature on walks is also important for my mental health.

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2 comentários

Love this topic, although I do practice the love of nature and the beauty around us, we truly are blessed for that and it’s great to be reminded sometimes. Thank you, I loved this blog

Respondendo a

Thank you Alma for your support. 💕🙏

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