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Revamp a Classic: 5 Healthy Changes to an Old Favourite

The morning snack is popular with young and old alike. Who hasn’t looked at the clock and waited for the bell to ring? It is important to follow a diet that includes delicious foods that will make you feel full. We often choose foods that are  quick and easy processed versions of foods that are familiar to us.

Since my diagnosis, I try to eat foods that come from nature. This has supported my health and well-being. People ask me: How did you lose weight? What are your eating habits? I respond that the changes I made were not about calorie restriction but about understanding what I was eating to support my body.

So go ahead and make these morning glory muffins and take a step back in time with healthy ingredients.

Morning Glory Muffins
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Betty Jean Aucoin
Betty Jean Aucoin
Nov 29, 2023

You have led the way Yvette to heal they self with food! Glad that you will continue to join me on this journey for better health and a joy filled life. 🙏💕


Thank you so much Betty Jean! Food is indeed the best medicine. Choosing superfoods while elimimating others on your list has served me so well. For those fortunate enough to not be fighting a disease, being proactive now can be a life saver! Yvette Rossignol

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