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The Missing Link: Conquering Cancer Series

Updated: May 24

I look forward to sharing my findings in the online series “The Missing Link: Conquering Cancer” over the next few posts. Host Nathan Crane is a naturopathic researcher and certified holistic cancer coach. He is also an award-winning author and motivational speaker. Nathan joins 33 world-class doctors, researchers, and cancer conquerors. Each episode highlights groundbreaking discoveries that have proven effective against cancer and other conditions, diseases, and chronic diseases.

Please note that I will not share any specific medical supplements or medications as I am not qualified to do so. However, I am qualified to share some of the best strategies to support natural, holistic, and integrative health. Because I take an integrative approach, I am living life with stage IV breast cancer.

An integrated approach allows me to use conventional and complementary methods to support my body, mind, and spirit. The next few posts will provide you with strategies for optimal health. You deserve to live your best life now!

If you'd like to join the series, here is the link.

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