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Cozy Up with This Classic Winter Warmer: Turkey Meat Loaf

Updated: Jan 10

Turkey Meat Loaf
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In the event that my mother were still alive, she would undoubtedly be surprised at seeing my recipe of a beloved classic dish using ground turkey, coconut milk, turkey bacon, and coconut sugar. Regrettably, she was absent during my initial battle with cancer, and she is now absent for this one as well. Nevertheless, she would wholeheartedly endorse any adjustments I deemed necessary to enhance my overall well-being.

As parents, they guide us until a certain point and then release us into the world, hoping that the lessons they imparted have taken root. On days when fatigue sets in, I seek out recipes that require minimal mental effort but bring me comfort. This particular recipe offers some changes to enhance its healthiness, but don't hesitate to utilize whatever ingredients you have readily available. In my mother's version, she would typically include ground hamburger, bacon, ketchup, and white sugar. If these items happen to reside in your refrigerator and pantry, feel free to incorporate them into your own meal prep.

The world we live in is anything but simple. We live in a world that is constantly changing, transforming and evolving. In my personal journey through life with the challenges of cancer, I am once again being asked to adapt and change. I can resist the changes and hold on to the past, or I can pivot and move on. To restore balance in my life, I'm reintroducing favourite recipes into my daily meal prep and adapting them to fit my needs today. What will happen in the future, only time will tell.

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I truly hope for all greatness in the future For you dear cuz, I do know that you are absolutely doing your best. I am cheering you on with love, positivity and prayer. Loves ya


Yum!!! Can’t wait to make this for supper this weekend. 🤗❤️

En réponse à

Let me know what you think of the changes on taste. 🤗😋

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