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Missing in Action: Tuning into the Missing Link

Updated: May 24

I have been missing in action from my family, friends, and blog. The Missing Link series has nine episodes with four extra interviews. I am blessed to be surrounded by those who know not to bother me when I am hyper-focused. The gathering of world-leading medical doctors, oncologists, chiropractors, naturopaths, psychotherapists and more is a gift I could not give up.

The posts following this one will provide simple information that is so complex in today's society. They will invite you to take an observation seat into your life, observing your patterns externally and internally. From your observations, you can join me and millions of others in taking control back in their lives one step at a time.

To make sustainable changes, one must be open to living a life of ease instead of disease by controlling their self-care. One must be kind to themselves and not allow one's ego to dissuade them from their efforts. All efforts are worthy. How can you honour yourself and say that you are doing it wrong? There is no such thing as perfection, no quick fix, and no place on this journey to maintain the title of victim. You have the power within you to begin or continue a journey to bring you optimal health.

The last episode is this evening. Once complete, I will dive into my book of notes and extra sheets to create posts to support our journey. With each post, remember to focus on the step, not the whole staircase. Who is with me?

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