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The Best Time to Eat for Optimal Health: Timing Matters

"Everyone who has a cancer diagnosis has a treatment plan, but what they need is a health plan." Dr. J. Simmons, MD

Dr. Jennifer Simmons, MD., Functional Medicine Physician and Integrative Oncologist, presented, "What is An Anti-Breast Cancer Diet? She discussed in her presentation three topics; when to eat, how to eat, and what to eat." She noted the information and research apply to everyone. If you want to go more in-depth with Dr. Simmon's work she authored “My Answer to Breast Cancer.”

Dr. Simmons discussed from an evolutionary, standpoint we are built to function whether we are in a fed or unfed state. The unfed state helps us to heal just as the fed state helps us to function. I know there have been many times when I was sick not wanting to eat. This was ok as my body needed to heal. Many people who have cancer, have a difficult time eating and received support on how to manage this so they have food for nourishment.

In her presentation, she discussed that humans were not meant to eat after dark. Most of our eating should happen during sunlight when our metabolism is higher and our larger meal should come at mid-day. For many of us, this is a culture vs nature challenge. We were raised on the 8 hour work day having our largest meal at supper time. However, if we followed nature, all of the clues would tell us that most of our eating should happen during sunlight.

Yikes! You want us to forgo eating at night? In the past 100 years, our timing of eating, how we eat, and what we eat have changed substantially. As an educator, I know the challenge of changing our habits even if it makes sense. Dr. Simmons spoke about the need to fast and allow our bodies to metabolize the food before going into a sleep and rest state.

Many years ago when I grew up with 6 siblings, we did not eat after supper. If we did it was a bowl of cereal or a sandwich before 8pm. We were just beginning to hear about fast food places and the ability to get food quickly and at all times. Today McDonald's, A & W and Burger King are open until midnight or 24/7. This fact has not had a positive impact on our health or BMI.

Rome was not built in a day. I often adopt and adapt new insights at a pace I know will work with me. I don't, oops try not to eat after 7 pm. Dr. Simmons would want me to move that lower and at some point I may. For now, the 12 -13 hour fast is working for me. To ensure I don't have heavy meals at supper time when my metabolism is lower, I keep my carbs for midday. I will attest that I feel better, I don't have side effects from my 3 meds, I have lost unnecessary weight, and I sleep better.

So if you want to adopt and adapt this information to your life, remember that this is a journey and not a sprint. Take the time you need to make small changes to your cultural habits in support of your physical nature as a human. Forgive yourself when you don't succeed. Tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to live your best healthy life.

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For many, many years I have tried not to eat later than 6 pm in the evening. And, also make that the lightest meal of the day.

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Good for you Sharlynn. A neighbour who is 70 plus doesn’t eat after 6pm. He is often out rollerblading around our loop looking his optimal health. 🤗


Small changes lead to new habits!

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Exactly. Just even backing it up 30 mins -1 hours to begin. 🤗

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