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"Unleashing the Power Within: An Exploration of Shifting Belief Systems"

What is Nature? The Oxford English Dictionary defines nature as the phenomena of the physical world collectively, especially plants, animals, and other features and products of the Earth itself, as opposed to humans and human creations.

I had many Wow moments listening to Jason Prall, a former mechanical engineer turned educator, health practitioner, speaker, filmmaker, and author of "Beyond Longevity: A Proven Plan for Healing Faster, Feeling Better, and Thriving at Any Age." Jason provides us with the knowledge and understanding of the "Blue Zone" population's success with healthy holistic living.

The Oxford Dictionary's definition of nature separates us from nature and places us in opposition. For centuries, humans have lived as part of nature, using nature's bounties to remain well and alive. In the recent century, much of what humans do opposes itself to nature. Modern life in the Western world has turned away from nature's foods, medicines, and circadian rhythm to live in opposition to nature, eating processed food, using synthetic products, having a sedentary lifestyle, and working 24/7.

The pictures above are from my walk today. As I walked, I sang Bruce Guthro's song, belting out the chorus, "I'm gonna walk this road, I'm gonna ride this wind. Gonna open up my soul and let the sunshine in." Tavis and I walked as part of nature, waking up to celebrate a new day. It rained overnight, and everything, including us, leaned towards the sun!

Jason Prall spoke about waking up the healer within. To do this, we need to rewrite our program (belief systems), update our software (actions towards optimal health), and shift our perspectives (be open to taking your place in nature in support of your health and longevity). Nature becomes part of you and your routine to living the life you were meant to live.

If you are ready to walk this road and turn towards the sun, continue to follow my blog posts to learn from the Missing Links series and how to take one step at a time to become more whole, healthy, and happy! Sit with this concept that you are part of nature, one with nature. Ask yourself what you can do in small steps to bring you closer to nature.

As one who has been on this journey for ten months, I can attest to feeling better than I have ever felt, moving my stage IV cancer to no evidence of disease and living each day with joy!

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Blessed to be living with such natural beauty around us! Continue to enjoy every minute!


Indeed we do. 💕 Blessed to live with the trees, flowers, lakes, animals, plants, and other humans. ⚓️


I love this Betty, and as one fighting with chronic pain I am ready to embrace this way of thinking and living as well ❤️


Elaine, I am so excited to share what I have learned to support all of us who want to live a pain free healthy life. Also, I am excited that you will be joining me in Blue Zone Costa Rica next year! 🇨🇷😊💕

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