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Why Integrative Medicine is the Future: Insights from Leading Doctors in Promoting Healthy Living

Updated: Jan 21

A healthy Outside Starts From the Inside.

I have experienced an energizing three-day educational experience. Throughout my extensive career, I dedicated two decades to educating educators. My responsibilities were to conduct research, participate in conferences, and gain valuable knowledge on the subject of teaching and learning.

Subsequently, I was entrusted with the task of collaborating with teachers, imparting new insights, serving as a role model, and providing support to ensure the success of both teachers and students.

Within the four quadrant framework of Tendencies, I identify as a Questioner. This framework explores the level of dedication one has towards both internal (personal) and external (others/work) commitments. As a Questioner, I prioritize my commitments and ensure that I adhere to them diligently. However, when it comes to external requests, programs, or changes, I have a personal policy of only committing once all my inquiries have been addressed.

If I determine that the external request aligns with the enrichment of myself, teachers, students, and the community, my dedication is unwavering. Ask those who know me. Conversely, if it does not meet these criteria, I will continue to ask questions seeking answers or decline participation. In some instances to remain employed, I asked the teachers not to shoot the messenger.

At this Summit, well-known professionals in the fields of oncology, pathology, naturopathy, functional medicine, nutrition and more came together as leaders in the realm of integrative medicine. Integrative medicine encompasses the philosophy of combining conventional medical practices with a focus on holistic living. Recognizing the importance of factors such as diet, stress management, and exercise, we understand that without addressing these elements, our ability to achieve positive outcomes is limited. By embracing integrative medicine, we empower patients to take control of their well-being and guide them toward optimal health.

Attending these sessions has ignited a fire within me, affirming that I am headed in the right direction. The medical professionals leading these sessions have addressed my inquiries regarding nutrition, mindful living, cancer, and integrative medicine. Their responses are backed by thorough research, encompassing both quantitative and qualitative data. Armed with this knowledge, they have affirmed my recent actions and provided me with actionable steps to support my living life over cancer.

To this end, I return to my roots in teaching you what I have learned in support of your overall well-being. These valuable insights apply to all individuals seeking to improve their mental and physical health.

Please note that I am not qualified to offer advice on supplements or medications, as I am not a medical professional. However, I will equip you with transformative actions that can be implemented immediately for all of us to lead an optimal healthy life.

Stay tuned!

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I also believe a multidisciplinary way to go is brilliant. I have been a patient in the multidisciplinary pain clinic at university of Alberta hospital for many years now and all I can say is truly magnificent results for my pain and mental health. I practice mindfulness with them as well.

certainly has given me a better quality of life moving forward. I so so am a believer.

loving your blogs sweet cuz, I look forward to staying tuned.

Replying to

Alma you are the role model for multi disciplinary and integrative health programs. You were doing this long before this summit! I applaud you and those who have worked with you for better health! 💕


I believe a multidisciplinary approach, including Integrative medicine is the way of the future. Looking forward to learning more!

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Thanks for joining me as we journey through this road called life! 🙏💕

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