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7 Simple Ways to Make the Most of Your Weekend!

Week-end: the period from Friday evening through Sunday evening, especially regarded as a time for leisure. Oxford Languages

To guard your well-deserved weekend here are 7 simple ways to make the most of it and enjoy this final weekend of January 2024.

  • Don't think about Monday. Leave the emails and to-do list for Monday!

  • Allot some "you" time.

  • Be present with family and friends. Focus on them, the conversation, and the moments together.

  • Do something physical, preferably outdoors.

  • Enjoy something that brings you joy!

  • Eat at your table enjoying the meal as you eat mindfully.

  • Reach out by phone, text, or personal email to someone you care about.

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2 comentários

Great advice! Sometimes we all forget to do that, especially bringing the activity outdoors, sitting at the table and being around people you love or reaching out other ways. These I find are so important. Love my me time.😊🙏🥰

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Have a wonderful weekend. 💕

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