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Bring Peace to Your Holidays with These Yoga Poses.

On the 22nd day of the Christmas season, I gave my serene self: a Yoga Practice featuring beloved poses from my Fall class participants.

My gift to myself, as I have mentioned in various writings, is the practice of yoga. It has been instrumental in my journey of living life over cancer. On the yoga mat, I find solace in combining mindfulness with physical movement. The breath work in yoga has a soothing effect on my nervous system, while the poses provide support for both my body and mind. Yet, the true essence of yoga lies in its ability to nurture and uplift my spirit.

In yoga, my hope is to cultivate inner transformation. This stands in contrast to the prevailing mindset in the Western world, where external factors often take precedence. It is important to recognize that, regardless of the material possessions we may possess, true contentment and serenity are achieved through your inner work of peace and self-love.

Join us in our Christmas yoga session, where I will guide you through a selection of popular poses that promote inner peace and awaken your light within. Prior experience with yoga is recommended. To assist you in certain poses, please bring a block with you to the mat. Feel free to do all the poses or choose only the ones you prefer. Keep in mind that the essence of yoga is to challenge yourself while maintaining focus, rather than pushing yourself to the point of discomfort. Remember, yoga is about finding ease in each pose, not experiencing pain. Enjoy the session and don't forget to share your favourite pose with us.

Passcode: MerryChristmas23!

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