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"Bringing Back 2 Favourites to Celebrate Spring Sunshine"

Sunshine and barbecue - the perfect recipe for happiness.

Today I will have my intravenous bone-strengthening infusions. They have been moved from one month to every three months. Once again, I am so grateful and blessed to have life-saving medications that not only keep me alive, but healthy.

I prepared dinner last night, as I usually do the day before treatment. Given the weather forecast, I decided to make turkey burgers and prepare one of my favourite salads. We enjoy grilling all year round and now we don't have to clear the path on the patio. It's a day full of sunshine and warm weather, and these recipes are the perfect combination to celebrate spring sunshine.

If you're lucky enough to be enjoying this beautiful sunny day and haven't answered the question "What are we having for dinner?" I encourage you to join me in making Turkey Burgers and Balsamic Blue Cheese Salad. Not only will your taste buds thank you, but so will your gut. All ingredients are healthy! If you can't make these recipes tonight, the weather forecast promises continued sunshine this week.

Bon Appetit!

Turkey Hamburgers
Download PDF • 214KB

Balsamic Blue Cheese Salad
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