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"Delicious and Easy Homemade Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Dressing Recipe"

"When the world is complicated,

the simple gift of friendship

is within all our hands." M. Shriver

You know you're good friends when you suggest a girls' night in with casual attire (bras are optional) and a friend shows up in silk pyjamas and a fluffy headband. It was the start of an evening filled with laughter, delicious food, and conversation.

I’ve made many great friends who represent different times in my life. My mother was a role model who exemplified the importance of making time for friends. She lived a busy life, raising seven children, supporting my father's work, and keeping up with her large extended family. However, she always found time to call, visit, or entertain her friends. She left this world with no regrets for not having friends who celebrated and supported her.

I have slowed down my entertaining, but I still make time for my close friends who make time for me in their lives. The varied groups I share my life with continue to make time to get together. For those far away, we do it by phone, social media, and in-person on vacation or to celebrate an event. We ensure to share the responsibility of meeting at different homes or planning different events. Give and take is an important variable of long-standing friendships. I love the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, "The only way to have a friend is to be one."

This evening like many, friends bring a favourite food of theirs to share. One friend shared a gift of tulips for each of us. I prepared dessert and the entree for our gathering. I decided to go with the new recipe mentioned in the title. The ladies all gave me a thumbs-up. I loved the combination of hot, chill, and crunchy. The Blue Cheese sauce will be something I will make again to use in different ways.

So download the recipe or another one in my blog, gather some good friends together, bras optional, and connect to those who love and care for you!

Buffalo Chicken with Blue Cheese Sauce
Download PDF • 95KB

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