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"Delicious Chicken Recipe: Lemon and Cottage Cheese Infused"

In sickness and in health, we find ways to

cherish and love each other even more deeply.

This was my 37th Valentine’s Day with my husband. Raymond always shares the most poignant cards celebrating our relationship and our love for each other. Yesterday was no exception. My card had a photo of two bikes on the front and it said, "I love our journey together... wherever we go, we will be side by side, heart to heart, and in love along the way. "

When a person becomes ill, it not only affects them but also everyone around them, especially their immediate partner. Raymond is there for me in sickness and in health. Throughout our 37-year journey, he stood up many times to fulfill his vows. Having him by my side as I live life over cancer is an immeasurable gift.

Besides not being able to fulfill our dream of teaching abroad, the biggest change in my life has been my new eating habits. Raymond is my favourite cheerleader and participant in shifting to a predominantly plant-based diet with whole grains, lean chicken, and fish.

Due to the storm and an afternoon at the hospital, we decided to eat at home. I decided to make a new lemon chicken pasta recipe using gluten-free pasta and cottage cheese lasagna style. We made dinner together and gave this recipe a thumbs up. This dish is delicious and quick to prepare.

In Ray's salutation on my card, he included the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: "Love consists not only in looking at each other but in looking in the same direction." Looking forward to us both sharing this journey and living life over cancer!

Lemon Chicken with Cottage Cheese
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For those who do not like cottage cheese, you can use ricotta, feta or another soft cheese. 😊

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