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"Don't Watch the Clock; Do what it does keep going!" S. Levenson

Updated: Apr 28

The flow of time is beyond our control; it neither stops nor speeds up based on our desires. Regardless of how we choose to live our lives, time continues its march forward.

In our province, the only way to obtain scan results is by consulting with your oncologist. Some may find it beneficial to receive information along with their oncologist's explanation and plans for the future. On the other hand, some want the convenience and time frame of receiving their scan results directly in their inbox, a practice done in other provinces and the US.

However, in both scenarios, we are faced with the same reality - the need to patiently await the interpretation of the scans and the subsequent steps to be taken. At this moment, we have the opportunity to keep focused on the day and work towards our optimal well-being. Or we risk neglecting the present consumed by what lies ahead, despite uncertainty surrounding the outcome or subsequent actions.

We all go through moments in our lives when we are waiting for good or bad news. Waiting and living in the future can lead to anxiety. Instead of letting your body go into anxious fight, flight, or freeze mode, choose to do things that bring you joy and support your mental and physical health.

When I left the gym today, I felt strong and confident enjoying my return to weight-lifting. My physical and mental health is in good shape, allowing me to continue doing the things that bring me joy and to focus on today, not next Thursday. Thursday will require me to be present to hear good news celebrate and exhale. Or, it will require me to hear challenging news requiring me to focus on adaptations to my health plan.

What can you do instead of worrying about tomorrow? For many of us moving is beneficial. How do you like to move? Sharing time with family and friends is another pass time people enjoy. Taking mini vacations, whether in person or online is something that brings joy to our day.

Note to self; time is free, but time is one of the few things we can never take back. Enjoy the moment as time passes.

P.S. Please know that like everyone else, I may fail and worry about my results. This is normal. However, I remind myself to come back to the present moment where life is happening. I have been more successful than not having had a lot of experience to practice this variable of self-care.

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