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"Finding Strength in Faith: Overcoming Challenges and Celebrating Life."

May your Sunday be filled with an abundance of blessings, light, love, and faith.

Just like love, faith is a verb. Throughout our lives, we will encounter moments that bring us to our lowest point. Our initial response is usually to question, "Why is this happening to me?" We wonder what we did to deserve such hardships. These inquiries can immobilize us, trapping us in a cycle of grief, suffering, and anguish.

My first teacher in my life, my mother, taught me the importance of unwavering trust in a supreme entity that would offer guidance during both favourable and unfavourable times. While grappling with the concept of organized religion, my connection to spirituality has never wavered. I maintain the conviction that each individual possesses an inner radiance and an eternal force supported by a supreme being.

Throughout my journey of battling cancer, I have relied on my faith to navigate the challenges that have come my way. When I first received the devastating news of breast cancer spreading to my bones, including a fractured rib and multiple lesions on my ribs, spine, and femur, I believed that I would never regain the ability to engage in activities like power yoga or stand-up paddling.

My faith and the many wonderful individuals who crossed my path provided me with the resilience to persevere, with the hope of regaining my health and engaging in activities I love.

On this serene Sunday morning, I left from my dock on a paddleboard, seeking solace in the refreshing ocean air, the picturesque sights of nature, and the

presence of numerous boats.

At the end of paddling, I practiced my yoga session on the board. I offered gratitude and prayers to the divine, acknowledging the presence of God who has accompanied me throughout this year, instilling faith and hope within me. Furthermore, I asked the souls of my beloved granddaughter, mother, and father to continue their watch over me.

As I paddled back towards the dock, a sense of peace washed over me, assuring me that at this very moment, everything would be alright. I hope for all of you to have faith in life that strengthens your resolve to overcome challenges in your life.

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