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Friday Reflection: "What have I done to support myself in becoming the person I love?"

Updated: Mar 15

This morning, I spent some time reflecting on the 98 posts I have created for this site. My 100th post on “Living Over Cancer” will be published this weekend. 100 is special for many reasons. Classrooms celebrate it during the school year, others are lucky enough to celebrate it on their birthdays, and I am celebrating it with 100 posts to support me and my follower's optimal health.

This journey to live life over cancer has had its ups and downs, its joys, its tears, its failures and its triumphs. It started with my fear of an early death but turned into one of hope, knowledge, and the desire to be the healthiest of body, mind, and soul.

We women carry the world on our shoulders. We often fight for others, but forget to fight for ourselves. I hope my posts give you the motivation and inspiration to be the person you care about, empathize with and love. You deserve it!

Today, I ask you to take a moment to reflect on the changes you have made to support self-care. These are springboard examples of how you might answer this question.

  • Have you let go of something or someone that was holding you back?

  • Are you freeing yourself from guilt by saying “no” to requests for more time to yourself?

  • Have you redefined your view of your humble servant – your body?

  • Have you tried some of the healthy recipes recommended here?

  • Can you practice mindful breathing to support healing and relieve anxiety?

  • Have you adopted or rekindled an activity, passion, or project that brings you joy?

Join me this weekend in celebration of the 100 posts for Living Life Over Cancer.

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