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Fruity and Savoury Delight: Refreshing Chicken Mango Salad Recipe

On the sixth day of the countdown to Christmas, my healthy self gave me a gift: a delicious chicken and mango salad. When we think of winter, we don't think of mangoes. Luckily, most grocery stores carry mangoes year-round. Since my cancer diagnosis, I have purchased and read many books promoting healthy eating. Mango is a staple in many of these recipes. This recipe comes from an old favourite of mine, Yum & Yummers. Greta Podleski, authour provides excellent recipes that check off all the boxes for healthy eating.

I love the colour and flavour that mangos add to salads and salsas. This salad is bursting with colour from greens, mango, peppers, red onions, carrots, and nuts. When I eat this salad as a main, I add chicken. If it's a side dish, I don't use chicken. In addition to being delicious and plant-based, the sesame-ginger dressing makes this salad one of my yummiest meals. So add some sunshine to your Christmas meals and serve up this delicious and healthy mango salad.

Chicken Mango Salad
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