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Happy Birthday to my Heavenly Valentine Angel!

"You raised me, so I can stand on mountains

You raised me, to walk on stormy seas

I am strong when I am on your shoulders

You raised me up to more than I can be" J. Groban

The fact that my mother, Jean Marie (Ivey) MacArthur, was born on Valentine's Day is not a mere coincidence. She embodied the essence of love, much like the patron saint of love, St. Valentine. Over her 83 years, my mother had a profound impact on the hearts of numerous individuals, but none more so than her own family.

From the moment I entered this world, I was fortunate to be cradled in the loving embrace of my mother. Those same arms provided comfort and support until just two days before her final breath. I had the privilege of sharing my existence with a remarkable woman who instilled in me the values of faith, resilience, fairness, and love.

In every stage of my life, she was there to commemorate my triumphs, offer solace during my challenges, and accompany me on the journey back to my true self. She imparted numerous principles of mindfulness through her unwavering faith. Simply take a breath, be grateful, embrace self-love, foster connections, release what no longer serves you, and understand that destiny cannot be erased. "What's allotted cannot be blotted!"

Although my mother has not been physically present during my battle with cancer and its recurrence, her presence is felt every single day as I navigate the path of living beyond this disease.

My mom exists in the radiant sunlight that dances upon the water's surface and in the gentle breezes that caress my face. Her words echo within my heart, serving as a reminder that I possess strength, worthiness, and the unwavering determination to live a joy-filled healthy life.

Happy Birthday Mom and a love-filled Valentine's Day to everyone!

"Living Life Over Cancer"

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6 comentarios

Such a lovely tribute to your mom/ valentine angel. She was everything to us all. ❤️❤️

Me gusta
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She loved each and everyone of her beautiful nieces and nephews. 🙏💕

Me gusta

Your mom is with you every step of the way! ❤️

Me gusta
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Indeed she is. 🙏💕

Me gusta

Beautiful tribute to a wonderful woman. Amazing how our mothers' presence is felt, even though they are not physically with us anymore. Happy Valentine's Day❣️

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We are truly blessed to have them watching over us. 🙏💕

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