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I Get to vs I Have to: The Power of Mindset in Improving Health"

Updated: Feb 18

Communications expert Alicia Dunams helps readers change the way they think in her book, I Get To—How Using the Right Words Can Radically Change Your Life, Relationships, and Business.

Anyone who has ever had a pet can probably relate when I tell you that Tavis, our golden retriever, has taught us a lot about life. He looks forward to every day's walk being as energetic and joyful as the first. He taught me how to change the way I think and view the world from “I have to” to “I get to.”

This morning I sat by the warm fire, drank my first cup of coffee, and started reading. Tavis sat next to me, waiting for the signal that we were going for a walk. Originally I wanted my husband who had the weekend off, to walk Tavis.

I didn’t have to walk Tavis today! However, Dunam's words and Tavis's face changed my attitude from "I have to" to "I get to walk on the beach with Tavis and Ray today."

We arrived at Rissers Beach with sunshine, snow, and the sounds of waves crashing the shore. Like most of us, when I arrived I was so happy I decided to walk the beach. I am one of the lucky Canadians who get to walk beside the mighty Atlantic Ocean. Even in February, she is beautiful.

Shifting your mindset you will experience the immediate benefits of maintaining a positive attitude and being able to achieve things that many people only dream of; living in freedom, cooking with bountiful foods, cleaning a home you own, being with those you love, working, walking, calling your parents, reaching out to a friend, taking life-saving medications and more.

Life is better when we get to do things rather than when we have to do them!

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