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I Will Leave a Light On for You! Stars On Ice 2024!

Rain comes following an endless drought

To wash away the remnants of all your doubt

I hope that you'll see me looking out.

A million miles apart, but within my reach!

I'll leave a light on for you, you, you!

"Leave a Light On" - Papa Roach

Elvis Stojko, a beloved figure skater in Canada, held a special place among my mother's favourites. As an Olympic silver medalist, he has become an iconic representation of figure skating in Canada. My dear friend Heather treated me to rink-side seats for Halifax's Stars on Ice of which Elvis was the lead skater.

A mixture of emotions welled up within me, thinking of memories of my mother and her love of figure skating. She attended these shows for many years. How she would have cherished this moment by my side, enjoying the 2024 Stars on Ice show.

Throughout my experience with both diagnoses of cancer, I have faced them without the presence of my parents in the physical world. Nevertheless, I consistently receive various forms of signs from them, assuring me that they are the guiding light that protects and watches over me.

Yesterday while in the CT Scan machine, I felt a brief moment of loneliness, going through these medical procedures alone without the comfort of holding my parent's hand. As always with all procedures; chemo, radiation, surgeries and medical procedures, I prayed once again to them for their light and love.

As Elvis Stojko took to the ice, "Leave the Light On," by Papa Roach came on. This song lets us know that in our darkest hour, our deepest challenges, and our feelings of being alone, we have those who love us are there and they will support us with their light.

My mother was with me last night and yesterday, during my scans. I truly believe and I hope all of you who read this blog know that there are lights left on for you. Be present in your life and signs will appear to give you comfort in knowing you are not alone!

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Tears were flowing from the first word of this message and well past the end. You are a person “extraordinaire » Betty Jean! Your strength and compassion has no end. 🤗


Feels good to get those signs when we need them. 😍


Wow Betty Jean!!! You brought tears to my eyes. Elvis Stoico is my favorite skater! So happy that you had the chance to enjoy the show…and that song…definitely a sign! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Replying to

Thank you Brenda. At 52 he still is one of the best! As a fan, I will send you his other program! Magnificent! 💕

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