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"Indulgent Spring Dessert: No Sugar & No Flour Banana Chocolate Delight"

Serving up some sweet happiness.

I love bananas in my morning granola, so I always have bananas on hand. Sebastian loves that I buy so many bananas because the ripe bananas allow for his weekly supply of his favourite banana chocolate chip muffins.

When I changed my eating habits, my family supported me. There are some changes that Raymond and Sebastian have not adopted and that's okay. When we make changes, it’s important to respect that not everyone has to be 100% on board. Sebastien requests that his muffins be made with white flour and I oblige.

This week, I wanted to try out a healthy dessert using only bananas, oatmeal, eggs, carob powder and dark chocolate. I attempted to follow the recipe as best I could via a video that switched between measurements of metric and imperial and had a few miscalculations. I came up with a version that turned out tasty and healthy.

The oats are great for fibre, bananas for their potassium, eggs for protein, and dark chocolate for antioxidants. This tasty dessert packs good taste and good health. So, download the recipe and serve up this dessert for yourself, your family, and your friends.

Banana Oat and Chocolate Cake
Download PDF • 78KB

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