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Low Sugar & Flavourful: A Guide to Non-Alcoholic Wines, Spirits and Beer from Upside Drinks

Joy to the World, the Wine is Here!

On the 8th and 9the Day of Christmas my True Self gave to me: Low sugar and flavourabe wines to celebrate my Birthday!

I'm affectionately known as one of the "Wine Sisters" because of my love for wine! When I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer, I looked for things I could do in addition to medication to enable me to live life over cancer. Most of us know that cancer loves sugar. Did you know that estrogen and other hormones also love sugar? My cancer is triggered by estrogen, so logic tells me that sugar-laden wine is not a good choice for me. So what is a wine sister to do who loves to pair her social events with a fine glass of wine? Begin a research project!

After tasting a range of non-alcoholic wines in stores, local wineries and online, we found our place. To my delight I found a company in Quebec, Canada that sells wines from wineries around the world. Upside Drinks offer an extensive menu including red wine, white wine, rosé, sparkling wine, and more. My friend and I bought a sample pack in white and red. We were pleased to find out the wines tasted like wine, were made from well-known wineries, were low in sugar and had an alcohol content of either 0 or <0.5.

The wines are so good that many of my family and friends order wine from Upside Drinks because they have healthy and delicious options. They also sell spirits, so I can still enjoy my favorite Christmas drink of rum and eggnog. This year I’ll be having HP Juniper – Spiced Cane – Spiced Rum from Updside Drinks and California Farms Holiday Nog Almond Milk found at our local grocery store.

So, join me and raise a glass to Upside Drinks, which provides us with premium wines, spirits and other alcohol-free, low-sugar, aromatic beverages. The link below will take you to their website. They are also on Facebook and Instagram. Processing time from order to shipment is approximately 2 days. Cheers!

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