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"Powerful Anti-Cancer: 5 Fruits That Pack a Nutritional Punch"

Even during the holidays, I am still committed to eating well to support my humble servant, my body. Most of us love fruits and know their nutritional value. Today's blog will promote five fruits worth including in our diet to prevent cancer, keep it at bay, and live a long healthy life.

My husband has been my biggest cheerleader in my life’s journey of living life over cancer. Knowing I am a questioner, wanting to know both the what and, more importantly, the why, he sends me Twitter posts or YouTube videos discussing the best foods to support me and others. One video was an interview with Dr. William Li, M.D.

Ph.D. William Li, M.D., is a Harvard graduate and author of Eat to Beat Disease and Diet to Beat Disease. His work has resulted in more than 40 FDA-approved treatments and devices. In his books and lectures, he discusses that cancer is 5-10% caused by genes and 90-95% caused by the environment.

Dr. Li's research shows that diet contributes 30-35% to the environmental conditions that promote or prevent cancer. He believes that diet is one of the most important health measures we can take to stay healthy. Food is the medicine we put into our bodies three to five times a day. He advocates combining foods and medications to support your metabolism, blood sugar, healthy hormones, and more.

Tomatoes: Tomatoes are a good source of lycopene, an angiogenic substance that blocks the supply of nutrients and oxygen to cancer cells. Lycopene absorbs our bad fat and helps burn it by activating brown fat, thereby lowering bad cholesterol. Help your body absorb lycopene by heating the tomatoes. It is best to cook them in olive oil. He recommends Italian, Greek and Spanish olive oils.

Pears: They contain chlorogenic acid, which stimulates metabolism. It has anti-angiogenic effects and prevents blood vessels from reaching tumours. They also contain a lot of fibre. This can slow the progression of cancer.

Kiwi: This delicious fruit is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. One kiwi a day can protect your blood and increase and neutralize 60% of DNA damage. Three kiwis a day help build and repair damaged DNA. Kiwi also supports inflammation and leaky gut.

Berries: Dark berries are good for us. They have anti-angiogenic and immune-enhancing effects. He mentions strawberries as an excellent fruit to support our health. Although they are sweet, they do not increase blood sugar levels and help reduce body fat and boost metabolism.

Pomegranate: Dr. Lee includes pomegranate juice in his daily diet because it helps him cultivate healthy gut bacteria, which strengthens his immune system. The juice contains ellagitannins, which can cut off the blood supply to tumours. They contain Akkermansia, a bacteria that protects the gut. Pomegranate juice or seeds also lower the progression of cancers.

So remember when eating these five fruits you are nurturing your body one bite at a time.

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