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Prioritizing Mental Health: Bell's Let's Talk Ways to Support Yourself and Others

This is Bell’s 13th “Let’s Talk Day.” It was founded to increase mental health awareness and acceptance. This day is a stepping stone to help us help ourselves or others with our mental health. For anyone living with a mental illness, one of the biggest obstacles is overcoming the stigma associated with it. Dialogue is an important first step toward lasting change. The annual Bell Let’s Talk Day and awareness campaign has become the world’s largest conversation about mental health, encouraging Canadians and people around the world to talk to each other and take action to reduce stigma and promote awareness and understanding for everyone.

In my personal experience of living with life with cancer, I embarked on a mission to establish a blog that brings attention to stage IV cancer. While there is ample awareness and celebration surrounding breast cancer and its survivors, there remains a significant lack of information and awareness regarding stage IV breast cancer. My ultimate goal is to ignite hope and challenge the boundaries imposed by this incurable disease, serving as a role model for others and demonstrating that it is possible to thrive beyond a cancer diagnosis.

Conversations and taking tangible steps are just as relevant when it comes to addressing mental health. It's important to recognize that individuals battling stage IV cancer require both physical and mental support throughout their journey. That's why I'm providing you with some of Bell's Let's Talk resources, which you can utilize or pass along to someone who could benefit from your assistance.

Let's get started! Let's talk!

Self-Care Journal
Download PDF • 441KB

Mental Health Pocketbook 2024
Download PDF • 611KB

Download PDF • 546KB

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