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Reflections on the Power of Mirrored Light in Our Lives

I had the privilege of spending time with several dear girlfriends this week, and in their company, I experienced the genuine light of friendship. It is a bond characterized by acceptance, support, and understanding. During one particular conversation, we discussed the next stages of our journey with breast cancer, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing self-care in our lives. As we navigate our journey with cancer, we stand together as sisters, united in our shared experiences and concern for one another.

I received a timely message from my penpal companion. Like sisters bound by the joy of knowledge, we exchange passages, poems, quotes, and other enlightening treasures just when they are needed most. Our connection is a beautiful connection of synchronicity and light.

At last, I found myself seated at a dining table with two friends, coming together to enjoy a meal, reminisce about our shared experiences as mothers and educators, and share the happiness of witnessing our grown children embark on their respective paths.

Every single one of these discussions revolved around the concept of love. The most wonderful present that friends, family, and partners can give to each other is the act of reflecting and celebrating each other's light. In the coldest and darkest month of the year, I encourage everyone to find solace and warmth by embracing the power of connection and sharing love.

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So happy that you have such a beautiful group of sisters/ friends/ family, all that bring light to you. I wish I was there to just give you the biggest hug ever and to experience the light between us in person, knowing that this is not needed to connect but definitely would love that.

Such learning tools I am picking up from you dear cuz. Cheers to love and light. Hoping for the best outcome ever.😘😘😘🦋👍🙏

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Love your virtual hugs. Glad that you are finding my blogs useful. 💖

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