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Revamp Your Bread Basket: Healthy Breads Packed with Antioxidants, Fibre, and Low in Sugar

On the 14th day of the countdown to Christmas, let us pick out healthy breads for our bread basket. When I decided to change my diet to a low-sugar diet, using antioxidant-fortified foods and natural products, I had to change my bread choices. I don't have to eat a gluten-free diet; however, I do enjoy some gluten-free varieties of bread.

One of my favorite breads is sourdough bread. It is low in sugar and is an excellent source of antioxidants and peptides that may help prevent certain cancers, chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, and aging. The bread in the photo comes from Bear River Farm in Nova Scotia. I purchased it from Keliza Holistic Living Store in Mahone Bay. Another favorite sourdough is made by Five Girls Baking Company in Liverpool, Nova Scotia. I buy their bread from Fresh Cuts in Bridgewater.

Other breads I like for hormonal breast cancer prevention are made from whole grains. I always check the packaging to see if there are whole grains in the ingredients. Many multigrain breads do not contain whole grains. One of my favorite breads is Bon Matins, a 12-grain bread from Costco. However, you can buy your favorite healthy bread at most local stores.

You may be wondering: where is the recipe for this blog? I leave bread baking to those who love and/or are good at baking. Who knows, maybe I'll bring my bread maker back to life. Until then, I'll be excited to use the bread noted here or others I find to eat with my favourite extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vingegar.

Let us know in the comments what healthy breads are in your bread basket!

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