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She Believed She Could, So She Did!

I have just finished my monthly Zometa IV infusions today. The frequency of these infusions will decrease to every three months, then every six months, and ideally, once a year. With a total of six monthly infusions, my fractures and lesions have successfully healed. I am now stronger than ever, experiencing pain-free ribs and bones.

Upon receiving a Stage 4 Breast Cancer diagnosis, my status as a Survivor was relinquished. I became part of a community of individuals who continue to navigate a path without a cure. Throughout the process of undergoing over 10 diagnostic tests, fear and grief consumed me. The fear and grief of not being present to witness the joys of future grandchildren, the union of my son and his partner as they build a life on the south shore, the precious moments of my loved ones' lives, and the chance to grow old alongside my best friend, my husband in our golden years.

On my wrist is a bracelet that displays the empowering message, "She believed she could, so she did!" This was a heartfelt gift from a friend, Annette Cross who embodies the same unwavering optimism, strength, and light. I am fortunate to have her, along with others, who wholeheartedly support me as I navigate my journey to live life over cancer.

My oncologist, who I respect immensely, instilled in me a faith that my diagnosis should be viewed as akin to a chronic diagnosis. I would need medications to continue throughout my life, or until a cure is found, but I was not terminal. He encouraged me to adopt the belief that the medications, treatments and embracing a healthy lifestyle, would support me in maintaining an abundant life and realize the joys that I once feared would slip away. Upon receiving this bracelet, I hugged my friend and said, "I do believe I can, and I will!"

If you find yourself in the same challenging circumstances as me, navigating cancer, I ask you to have faith in yourself, in your resilience, and your inner light. For family and friends, I ask you to assume the role of a cheerleader, a pillar of strength, and a beacon of light for those you love. "We believed we could, so we did!"

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2 תגובות

I just need to tell you how much you inspire me and how you incorporate positivity and faith, and the belief is remarkable. You have a wonderful support system circled around you dear cuz it seems.

I believe you are and you will. Your strength is spectacular. Hugs🤗🙏🦋


This cancer will one day be a faded memory. Your spirit and conviction alone will heal you. The power of the mind, your will and your spirit will overcome this little nuisance. Xo

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